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The Mayors and Sheriffs of London

The MASL database includes the mayors, sheriffs, and wardens of the City of London from 1190 to the present: their names, years of office, and companies (in the early years, craft/trade guilds) or (in the earliest years) occupations. For details on the types of information provided, including the sources for them, use the site menu bar above.

Searches may be done by name, office, year, range of years, and company, and also by combinations of these. See the site menu bar on Year-of-Office Dates for information on how mayoral and shrieval terms of office are dated.

Research is ongoing in some areas, and periodic updatings of the database take place, to incorporate new information. The most recent update was on 24 Nov. 2023. (When citing MASL as a source, include access date.) Users are invited to provide additional information or corrections; these will be checked and, if adopted, credited to their contributors. For contact information, see below.

The occasional pdf of additional information will be provided, through a link at the foot of this page. Currently there is one pdf: on the Westminster oath-takings and presentations of the mayors and sheriffs, 1273--1558, in relation to Sundays and to the occasional substitution of the Tower of London for Westminster.

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Sunday oaths and Tower of London oaths

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Mayor, alderman, and liveryman: de Heere illustration, c.1574, from BL Add. MS 28330 fo. 30r.

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