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The Mayors and Sheriffs of London

The MASL database currently includes the mayors, sheriffs, and wardens of the City of London 1190–1558: their names, terms of office, and company (in the early years, craft/trade guild) membership or occupation. For details of each of these types of information, including the sources for them, use the site menu above.

Separate lists of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London from 1558 to the present are also available; see the links below. The MASL database will gradually be expanded to include this data. Still later additions may include short biographies of the better-known mayors and sheriffs, and/or references or links to existing biographical sources.

Periodic updatings of the database will take place, to incorporate new information. Users are invited to provide additional information and corrections; these will be checked and, if adopted, credited to their contributors. For contact information, see below.

Note: you are currently viewing the MASL database through static HTML webpages. The full content of the MASL database is still available, but the search functions of the site have changed. This is a temporary situation. Please view instructions on the “Search Database” page for more information.

Full search functions are returning in Summer 2020, extending now from 1190 to 2020, with updatings (including identification of aldermanic status) as well.

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image of mayor and aldermen

Mayor and two aldermen: from Walter Besant, London in the Time of the Tudors (1904). Original MS held by the British Library.

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