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Company / Occupation: Fishmonger

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1254-55 1 de Oystergate, Stephen
Sheriff (from c. 15 Feb. 1255 ) Fishmonger 2  
1259-60 Bruning, Adam
Sheriff Fishmonger 3  
1281-82 de Chigwell, Richard
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1286-87 Cros, Thomas4
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1296-97 le Blund de Foleham, Adam
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1299-1300 de Fyngrie, Henry
Sheriff Fishmonger 5  
1312-13 Lambyn, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1314-15 de Chigwell, Hamo
Sheriff Fishmonger 6  
1319-20 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor Fishmonger 6  
1320-21 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor (replaced Robert de Kendale, Warden, in May 7 ) Fishmonger 6  
1320-21 Produn, William
Sheriff Fishmonger 8  
1321-22 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor Fishmonger 6  
1322-23 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor (until 4 Apr. 1323 9 ) Fishmonger 6  
1322-23 Elie, Richard
Sheriff Fishmonger 10  
1323-24 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor (replaced Nicholas de Farndone 11 ) Fishmonger 6  
1324-25 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor Fishmonger 6  
1325-26 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor Fishmonger 6  
1325-26 Mordon, Gilbert
Sheriff Fishmonger (possibly), Stockfishmonger (possibly) 12  
1326-27 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor (until Nov. 1326 13 ) Fishmonger 6  
1327-28 de Chigwell, Hamo
Mayor Fishmonger 6  
1330-31 de Ely, Robert
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1331-32 de Mockyng, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1333-34 Haunsard, William
Sheriff Fishmonger (possibly) 14  
1334-35 Turke, Walter
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1345-46 de Gloucester, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1346-47 de Croydon, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1347-48 Brabazon, Adam
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1349-50 Turke, Walter
Mayor Fishmonger  
1351-52 Wroth, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1352-53 Pecche, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1353-54 Little, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1354-55 Smelt, Richard
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1360-61 Wroth, John
Mayor Fishmonger  
1361-62 Pecche, John
Mayor Fishmonger  
1363-64 de Croydon, Richard
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1367-68 Tornegold, John
Sheriff Fishmonger 15  
1370-71 Walworth, William
Sheriff Fishmonger 16  
1372-73 Philipot, John
Sheriff Fishmonger (possibly), Grocer (possibly) 17  
1374-75 Walworth, William
Mayor Fishmonger 16  
1375-76 Neuport, William
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1377-78 Pykeman, Andrew
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1378-79 Philipot, John
Mayor Fishmonger (possibly), Grocer (possibly) 17  
1380-81 Walworth, William
Mayor Fishmonger 16  
1384-85 Exton, Nicholas
Sheriff Fishmonger 18  
1386-87 Exton, Nicholas
Mayor Fishmonger 18  
1387-88 Exton, Nicholas
Mayor Fishmonger 18  
1396-97 Welford, Thomas
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1397-98 Askham, William
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1398-99 Wade, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1402-03 Merlawe, Richard
Sheriff Fishmonger (possibly), Ironmonger 19  
1403-04 Askham, William
Mayor Fishmonger  
1409-10 Merlawe, Richard
Mayor Fishmonger (possibly), Ironmonger 19  
1411-12 Reynwell, John
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger 20  
1417-18 Merlawe, Richard
Mayor Fishmonger (possibly), Ironmonger 19  
1418-19 Bryan, John
Sheriff (chosen by Mayor; died 10 Oct. 1418 21 ) Fishmonger 22  
1418-19 Perneys, John
Sheriff (replaced John Bryan 23 ) Fishmonger  
1423-24 Jamys, Nicholas
Sheriff Fishmonger 24  
1426-27 Reynwell, John
Mayor Fishmonger 20  
1428-29 Dufthous, Thomas25
Sheriff Fishmonger 26  
1432-33 Perneys, John
Mayor Fishmonger  
1434-35 Bernewell, Thomas
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1436-37 Morstede, Thomas
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger 27  
1444-45 Forster, Stephen
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger 28  
1446-47 Horne, Robert
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger 29  
1449-50 Hulyn, William
Sheriff 30 (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1454-55 Forster, Stephen
Mayor Fishmonger 28  
1459-60 Hulyn, William
Mayor Fishmonger  
1462-63 Hampton, William
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1466-67 Bromer, John
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1472-73 Hampton, William
Mayor Fishmonger  
1484-85 Astry, Ralph
Sheriff (replaced Richard Chester 31 ) Fishmonger  
1487-88 Remyngton, William
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1493-94 Astry, Ralph
Mayor Fishmonger  
1495-96 Kneseworth, Thomas
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1499-1500 Bronde, Richard32
Sheriff Fishmonger 33  
1500-01 Remyngton, William
Mayor Fishmonger  
1505-06 Kneseworth, Thomas
Mayor Fishmonger  
1506-07 Copynger, William
Sheriff 34 (chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1512-13 Copynger, William
Mayor (died 7 Feb. 1513 35 ) Fishmonger  
1517-18 Symonds, Ralph
Sheriff Fishmonger  
1542-43 Amcotts, Henry
Sheriff Fishmonger 36  
1548-49 Amcotts, Henry
Mayor Fishmonger 36  
1549-50 Turke, Richard
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Fishmonger  
1551-52 Cowper, John
Sheriff Fishmonger  


(Any abbreviated sources are listed in full below the notes.)

1Ralph Hardel, according to Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 22-23, did not immediately become mayor, because the city was taken into the king's hands (under John Gisors) until 19 November. Sheriffs William Eswy and Robert de Linton, temporarily out of office also with Hardel (Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 22-23), were removed in February 1255 for neglect involving the gaols and were replaced by Henry de Walemunt and Stephen de Oystergate: see Stow/K II.156 n. 10, and Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 23-24.

2Fishmonger: Williams pp. 220 and 228.

3Fishmonger: Williams p. 63.

4Thomas Gros: Hughes p. 201.

5Fishmonger: Mayors and Sheriffs (Additions) p. 220; see also Annales Paulini p. 304. (EMCR's index provides two separate lines for this name, as though possibly concerning two individuals, one line specifying Fishmonger and the other specifying sheriff; Ekwall p. 149 # 35 uses EMCR.)

6Fishmonger: Beaven I.380. Stow/K II.163-64 lists him as a Pepperer when he is mayor in 1319-20 (see also Fabyan p. 424 n. 1), 1321-22 to 1326-27 (in 1326 only), 1327-28 (see also Fabyan p. 439 n. 2); but Nightingale (p. 614, Index) calls him a Fishmonger, and see also Ekwall p. 332 # 1 and Annales Londonienses p. 232.

7For Chigwell's name and election see Calendar LBE p. 214 n. 1.

8William Prodhomme, Fishmonger: LBD (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/004) fo. 6r; Stow/K II.153 lists W. Produn. A William Prodomme is also listed among other Fishmongers c. 1328 in LBE (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/005) fo. 190r; and see also Ekwall p. 332 # 2.

9LBD (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/004) fo. 6v. Removed by the king.

10Fishmonger: Mayors and Sheriffs (Additions) p. 210; French Chronicle p. 256; Annales Paulini p. 304. Both a Robert de Ely and a Roger de Ely are listed among other Fishmongers c. 1328 in LBE (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/005) fo. 190r, but no Richard.

11Admitted at Westminster Wednesday, 7 December 1323; see LBD )LMA MS: COL/AD/01/004) fo. 6v, LBE (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/005) fo. 148r, and Calendar LBE p. 214 n. 1. LBE fo. 148r states the date of the appointment Letters Patent as 29 November.

12Fishmonger: Mayors and Sheriffs (Additions) p. 210; Stockfishmonger: Ekwall p. 212 # 16.

13A writ of 6 November 1326 restored the mayoralty to the city and called for an election within eight days: LBE (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/005) fo. 171r. For the preceding removals and appointments, see the years 1320-21 to 1326-27.

14Fishmonger?: see Beaven I.266 and 286. A William Haunsard is also listed among other Fishmongers c. 1328 in LBE (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/005) fo. 190r; and see Ekwall p. 344 # 9.

15Fishmonger: Beaven I.389. Mercer: LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 233r.

16Fishmonger: Beaven I.389. Stockfishmonger: LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 233v.

17Grocer: Beaven I.390; but Nightingale states p. 184 that, although closely associated with the Grocers, Philipot never became a company member. Fishmonger: see Wills II.275 n. 1.

18Fishmonger: Beaven I.397. Goldsmith: LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 233v; Fishmonger: Wills II.352 n. 2.

19Beaven I.234 notes that Merlawe appears to have been both an Ironmonger and a Fishmonger (and incorrectly states that he is described as an Ironmonger in the LBI notice [LMA MS: COL/AD/01/009, fo. 204] of his election to the mayoralty in 1417). Merlawe is an Ironmonger as both sheriff and (twice) mayor in LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 234; and see Wills II.428-29.

20Fishmonger: Beaven II.5; identified as an Ironmonger in 1433 in LBK (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/010) fo. 127, as noted by Beaven II.229; Fishmonger in LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 234r. (Cf. Richard Merlawe sheriff 1402-03, mayor 1409-10 and 1417-18.)

21LBI (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/009) fo. 220r. (He was drowned in the Thames, supposedly as he went to relieve himself; see Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, ed., Chronicles of London (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1905) pp. 297-98.)

22Fishmonger: LBI (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/009) fo. 220r; see also Beaven I.287 and 270.

23Elected Tuesday, 11 October 1418, sworn Guildhall and to Westminster Wednesday, 12 October (LBI [LMA MS: COL/AD/01/009] fo. 220r-v).

24Beaven II.229 corrects his II.6 designation of Ironmonger (a designation also given in Stow/K I.207 and in LBK [LMA MS: COL/AD/01/010] fo. 9r).

25Beaven at II.218 corrects to Dufhous his previous spelling (I.90) of Dufthons, and uses 'Dufthous (or Dufhous)' in his index.

26Fishmonger: LBK (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/010) fo. 55v.

27Fishmonger: LBK (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/010) fo. 162v. Draper: A Chronicle p. 123, but not found in Drapers' MS WA1 (earliest extant accounts [formerly MS +140]). A Thomas Morsted, Fishmonger, in is CPMR 5 (1437-57) p. 160 (1438).

28Nightingale, e.g. p. 453, describes him as also a Grocer.

29Beaven II.9 n. 14 corrects his Brewer designation of I.56, 329 (which he calls 330).

30Spelled as William Aulyn (sheriff) by Hughes p. 203.

31Elected Monday, 7 February 1485, sworn Guildhall Thursday, 10 February, to Westminster Friday, 11 February (LBL [LMA MS: COL/AD/01/011) fo. 203r).

32Thomas Brond in Stow/K II.179, but referred to by Beaven (II.xxxvii) as Richard Bronde; also Richard Bronde in LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 235r and in Hughes p. 204; Richard Brande in LBM (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/012) fo. 18v and in Jor. 10 (LMA MS: COL/CC/01/01/010) fo. 163r.

33Fishmonger: LBM (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/012) fo. 18v (Richard Brande).

34In this year Robert Johnson, Goldsmith, was elected sheriff, along with William Copynger (the mayor's choice: Jor. 10 [LMA MS: COL/CC/01/01/010] fo. 364v), but the king refused to admit Johnson. See Stow/K II.179 (Thomas Johnson) n. 2. Johnson appears, however, in the Stow/K main listings; and Beaven II.21 lists him as sheriff in 1506. LBM's entry for the election of sheriffs in 1506 (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/012 fo. 124r) is unfinished. The Mercers' MS Acts of Court 1 records (fo. 137v, assembly of 8 October) the dismissal of Johnson and the admitting of William Fitz William, who is listed by Beaven II.21 as sheriff 1506-07.

35Beaven II.21.

36The Goldsmiths, however, agree to provide forty armed men for him at the Midsummer Watch in 1543 (Goldsmiths' MS 1524 Book G, p. 74), which suggests a Goldsmiths affiliation. (Only seven bowmen are to be provided by the Goldsmiths for the mayor, p. 80.)

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Notes About Company Names

Grocers were originally called Pepperers; the company appears to have emerged as Grocers in 1372; and the Merchant Taylors were until 6 January 1503 the Tailors and Linen Armourers. For both companies the original name is used until the year of the change, and then the new name, regardless of whether the sources consulted use the old or the new designation. The Fishmongers and the Stockfishmongers were originally different companies which, after one union which did not succeed, were finally united on a permanent basis in 1536. The two different names are here reproduced until 1536, from which year only the Fishmonger designation is used, regardless of the readings of the sources. (See Companies / Occupations, on the site menu, for reference sources.)