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Company / Occupation: Vintner

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1207-08 Hardel, William1
Sheriff Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 2  
1215-16 Hardel, William1
Mayor Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 2  
1232-33 Bat, Gerard
Sheriff Vintner (possibly) 3  
1235-36 Bat, Gerard
Sheriff Vintner (possibly) 3  
1239-40 Bat, Gerard
Mayor (from 13 Jan. 1240 4 ) Vintner (possibly) 3  
1240-41 Gisors, John
Sheriff Pepperer (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 5  
1245-46 6 Gisors, John
Mayor (from 11 or 12 Jan. 1246 ) Pepperer (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 5  
1245-46 6 Gisors, John
Sheriff (replaced Nicholas Bat until 11 or 12 Jan. 1246 ) Pepperer (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 5  
1249-50 7 Hardel, Ralph8
Sheriff Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 9  
1254-55 10 Hardel, Ralph8
Mayor Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 9  
1255-56 11 Hardel, Ralph8
Mayor Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 9  
1256-57 Hardel, Ralph8
Mayor Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 9  
1257-58 12 Hardel, Ralph8
Mayor (until 1 Feb. 1258 ) Draper (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 9  
1258-59 Gisors, John
Mayor Pepperer (possibly), Vintner (possibly) 5  
1259-60 de Coventre, Henry
Sheriff Vintner  
1273-74 de Coventre, Henry
Sheriff (replaced Peter Cosyn or Robert de Meldeburne 13 ) Vintner  
1277-78 l'Engleys, Walter
Sheriff Vintner  
1306-07 de Conduit, Geoffrey
Sheriff Vintner (possibly) 14  
1315-16 Bodelay, William
Sheriff Vintner 15  
1320-21 de Conduit, Reginald
Sheriff Vintner  
1323-24 de Oxenford, John
Sheriff Vintner  
1326-27 de Rothyng, Richard
Sheriff Vintner  
1329-30 de Gisors, Henry
Sheriff Vintner  
1334-35 de Conduit, Reginald
Mayor Vintner  
1335-36 de Conduit, Reginald
Mayor Vintner  
1341-42 de Oxenford, John
Mayor (died 18 Jun. 1342 16 ) Vintner  
1348-49 Picard, Henry
Sheriff Vintner  
1352-53 de Stodeye, John
Sheriff Vintner  
1356-57 Picard, Henry
Mayor Vintner  
1357-58 de Stodeye, John
Mayor Vintner  
1374-75 Lyons, Richard
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Vintner 17  
1380-81 Doget, Walter
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Vintner  
1386-87 More, William
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Vintner  
1391-92 18 Vanner, Henry
Sheriff (until 25 Jun. 1392 ) Vintner  
1395-96 More, William
Mayor Vintner  
1400-01 Wakele, John
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Vintner  
1413-14 Micholl, John
Sheriff Vintner 19  
1424-25 Seman, Simon
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Vintner  
1447-48 Abraham, William
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Vintner  
1518-19 Spencer, James
Sheriff Vintner  
1527-28 Spencer, James
Mayor Vintner  


(Any abbreviated sources are listed in full below the notes.)

1Reynolds pp. 356-57 identifies the 1207-08 sheriff William Hardel and the 1215-16 mayor as the same individual, and suggests that this is the father of Ralph Hardel mayor 1254-55.

2Williams p. 54 speaks of the 1215-16 mayor William Hardel, who is the same individual as the 1207-08 sheriff, in terms of a Vintner family dynasty; A Chronicle p. 8 calls the 1215-16 mayor a Draper.

3Beaven I.372 identifies the 1232-33 and 1235-36 sheriff Gerard Bat and the 1239-40 mayor as the same individual; and Fabyan p. 331 n. 4 suggests that the mayor may have been a Vintner.

4No mayor earlier in 1239-40, because of a dispute with the king (Stow/K II.155 n. 3).

5Pepperer: Beaven I.372, Williams pp. 68 and 325; Vintner: Nightingale pp. 126 and 620 (index). Nightingale p. 47 states there is no evidence for the traditional association of the Gisors family with the Pepperers. She associates the family with the wine trade.

6Stow/K II.155 n. 16: Michael Tovi was elected mayor (and Beaven I.372 lists him as mayor 1244-46, although only 1244-45 at I.374 n. 3) but the king refused to admit him and John Gisors was sworn in his place on 12 January 1246 [11 January, Mayors and Sheriffs p. 16]; Nicholas Bat was chosen sheriff but rejected [14 December, Mayors and Sheriffs p. 12], and was succeeded first by John Gisors and then by Robert de Cornhill. See Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 12-13.

7In this year, 18-24 May 1250, the city was in the king's hands: see Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 17-18.

8Possibly the son of William Hardel, sheriff 1207-08 and mayor 1215-16 (see Reynolds pp. 356-57).

9Draper: Beaven I.372; Vintner: Williams p. 209.

10Ralph Hardel, according to Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 22-23, did not immediately become mayor, because the city was taken into the king's hands (under John Gisors) until 19 November. Sheriffs William Eswy and Robert de Linton, temporarily out of office also with Hardel (Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 22-23), were removed in February 1255 for neglect involving the gaols and were replaced by Henry de Walemunt and Stephen de Oystergate: see Stow/K II.156 n. 10, and Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 23-24.

11The city was briefly in the king's hands in November: see Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 24-25.

12For the details of removals and replacements, and one death, during 1257-58, see Stow/K II.157 n. 1. An appointed warden served between mayors Ralph Hardel and William fitz-Richard. Beaven II.xxxix, however, gives sheriff Robert de Cateloigne's death as in December 1257, and Mayors and Sheriffs p. 31 gives 14 December, while Stow/K gives 19 October 1257 as the date upon which Matthew Bukerel succeeded Cateloigne. Beaven I.373 lists Thomas fitz-Thomas as sheriff only in 1258. See also Mayors and Sheriffs pp. 33-39.

13Elected 1 December 1273: Mayors and Sheriffs p. 168. (November: Hughes p. 201.) See Cosyn and de Meldeburne.

14Liber Custumarum p. 73 names a 'Galfridus de Conductu, taverner' (1295-96), and Williams p. 125 writes about a major Vintner of this name; in neither case, however, is a term as sheriff noted.

15Vintner: LBD (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/004) fo. 4r.

16LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/006) fo. 60v. Beaven I.383 has 17 June; but LBF's date is Tuesday, the morrow of St. Botolph, not the feast day itself (17 June). See also Calendar LBF, p. 285 n. 4, and Stow/K II.165 n. 9.

17Vintner: Beaven I.390, though at I.343 he puts Lyons among the Goldsmiths.

18All three originally elected officers for 1391-92--mayor John Heende, sheriff John Shadworth, and sheriff Henry Vanner--were deprived of office 25 June 1392 and imprisoned for a short time: see LBF (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/06) fo. 233v, LBH (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/008) fo. 270v, Calendar LBF pp. 289-90 and n. 2, and Beaven I.401. Appointed by the king in their places were sheriffs Gilbert Maghfeld and Thomas Newenton (Letters Patent 25 June, sworn 1 July: LBH fo. 270v) and, as warden, first Edward Dalyngregge (Letters Patent 25 June, sworn 1 July: LBH fo. 270v), and then Baldwin de Radyngton (Letters Patent 22 July: LBH fo. 273v). See also LBF fo. 233v. According to Calendar LBH p. 379 n. 1 (citing Higden), during the interval between the removal of Heende and the appointment of Dalyngregge, the city was ruled by William Staundon.

19Vintner: LBI (LMA MS: COL/AD/01/009) fo. 126r. Anne Crawford, A History of the Vintners' Company (London: Constable, 1977) pp. 35-36 also mentions a prominent early 15th century Vintner of this name; and see also CPMR 4 (1413-37) p. 9 (1413) for a John Micholl, Vintner.

Note Sources

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Notes About Company Names

Grocers were originally called Pepperers; the company appears to have emerged as Grocers in 1372; and the Merchant Taylors were until 6 January 1503 the Tailors and Linen Armourers. For both companies the original name is used until the year of the change, and then the new name, regardless of whether the sources consulted use the old or the new designation. The Fishmongers and the Stockfishmongers were originally different companies which, after one union which did not succeed, were finally united on a permanent basis in 1536. The two different names are here reproduced until 1536, from which year only the Fishmonger designation is used, regardless of the readings of the sources. (See Companies / Occupations, on the site menu, for reference sources.)