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Company / Occupation: Tallow Chandler

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1456-57 Steward, John
Sheriff (Chosen by Mayor ) Tallow Chandler 1  
1530-31 Choppyn, Richard
Sheriff Tallow Chandler 2  


(Any abbreviated sources are listed in full below the notes.)

1Tallow Chandler: Caroline Barron (personal card file at the former Corporation of London Records Office) identifies Steward as a Chandler. A John Steward was master of the Tallow Chandlers in June 1467 and in December 1472 (see Randall Monier-Williams, The Tallow Chandlers of London III [London: Kaye and Ward, 1973] p. 53), and was also a company benefactor; and for a John Styward, Chandler, in an October 1455 record, see Jor. 5 (LMA MS: COL/CC/01/01/005) fo. 267v, and also (in 1460) CPMR 6 (1458-82) p. 155 (Tallow Chandler).

2Choppyn was later (20 June 1532) translated to the Grocers (Beaven II.27).

Note Sources

CPMR: Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls, ed. A.H. Thomas, vols. 1-4; ed. Philip E. Jones, vols. 5-6. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1924-61.

Beaven: Alfred B. Beaven, The Aldermen of the City of London, 2 vols. London: Corporation of London, 1908-13.

Jor.: Journal. Manuscript series at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

LMA MS: Manuscript at the London Metropolitan Archives, London.

Notes About Company Names

Grocers were originally called Pepperers; the company appears to have emerged as Grocers in 1372; and the Merchant Taylors were until 6 January 1503 the Tailors and Linen Armourers. For both companies the original name is used until the year of the change, and then the new name, regardless of whether the sources consulted use the old or the new designation. The Fishmongers and the Stockfishmongers were originally different companies which, after one union which did not succeed, were finally united on a permanent basis in 1536. The two different names are here reproduced until 1536, from which year only the Fishmonger designation is used, regardless of the readings of the sources. (See Companies / Occupations, on the site menu, for reference sources.)