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The base list used for the mayor and sheriffs for each year, 1190–1558, is that provided in C. L. Kingsford’s 2-volume edition (1908) of John Stow’s A Survey of London (cited in this database as Stow/K), II. 150–83. Kingsford has corrected Stow, and provides useful name and spelling alternatives in footnotes; the non-obvious alternatives provided have been included here in database notes. Kingsford’s names have been checked against, and corrected according to, A. B. Beaven’s The Aldermen of The City of London, 2 vols. (1908–13); all corrections other than spelling changes have been noted.

For sheriffs, A. Hughes’ List of Sheriffs for England and Wales (Public Record Office: Lists and Indexes, #9, 1898; rev. 1963), in a Corporation of London Records Office copy with handprinted annotations made apparently (according to the CLRO) at the PRO, has also been consulted, and, for mayors, a c. 1970s CLRO typescript handlist. Table 2 of S. Reynolds’ “Rulers of London” article in History 57 (1972) has been used as well, for the specific time period 1190–1216, and also C. N. L. Brooke with G. Keir’s London 800–1216: The Shaping of a City (1975). Any information taken from Hughes, the CLRO handlist, Reynolds, or Brooke with Keir has been so noted.

Names are not included of individuals chosen as mayor or sheriff but for one reason or another never sworn into office. Also not included are sheriffs who served for only a few days before being rejected by the king and replaced.

Information sources other than those cited above—all noted where used—include the City’s manuscript record series of Letter Books, Journals, and Repertories, London livery company manuscript records (some on deposit at London’s Guildhall Library, some in company halls), chronicle histories, and (currently to 2002) reliable scholarly articles, monographs, and editions. Periodic updatings of the database will take place, to incorporate new information.