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Spellings of Names

All first names have been normalized (as generally also in both Charles Kingsford’s 1908 edition of John Stow’s A Survey of London and A. B. Beaven’s The Aldermen of The City of London (1908-13); see Names/Sources (site menu) for this database’s use of these reference works). Surnames have been spelled as in Beaven, both for Beaven’s listed aldermen and for non-aldermen also referred to in Beaven’s volumes; for aldermen, where there is a choice of Beaven surname spellings, that (including any alternative) found in the chronological listing of aldermen is used, including any in the text immediately preceding the start of the chronological listing in volume 1, and for non-aldermen, the index form is used.

For names not in Beaven, Stow/K’s main surname spellings are followed (with “Fitz” reproduced as “fitz-” as in Beaven) except where footnoted otherwise; and S. (for “Saint”) is reproduced as St., “filius” as “fitz-”. For names not in either Beaven or Stow/K, the surname spellings followed are from the indexes of the relevant volumes of Reginald R. Sharpe’s 11-volume Calendar of Letter-Books Preserved Among the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall, A–L (1899–1912).