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I am grateful, for generous provision of access to manuscripts, to the former Corporation of London Records Office, to the Guildhall Library (Aldermanbury, London), to the London Metropolitan Archives, and to the London companies whose manuscripts are cited in these listings and footnotes.

For the first, 1190--1558 version of this database (launched in 2009), I am also grateful to Bronwyn McLeod, for invaluable help with initial revisions and inputting of database content, to Susan Quirk for her expert editorial assistance, and above all to Sian Meikle, then Digital Services Librarian, to Maureen Morin, Graphic Designer, and to the University of Toronto Library in general for its generous support. A print version of the 1190--1558 database was published in 2004, as "Appendix 1: The Mayors and Sheriffs of London 1190--1558," compiled by Anne Lancashire, in Caroline Barron's London in the Later Middle Ages (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

For this later, expanded version of the database (2020), I am grateful to (again) Sian Meikle, now Associate Chief Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology, to Kelli Babcock, Monica Ung, and the other members of the University of Toronto Library's Information Technology Services staff, and to the University of Toronto Library as a whole for its generous ongoing support.

I would also like to thank Nigel Pullman for his encouragement, and Maryanne Kowaleski for the British Library manuscript reference and Wikimedia Commons link for the illustration on the database's home page, and for referring me to John McEwan's work on London aldermen. Thanks also to Elizabeth Scudder (London Metropolitan Archives) and Murray Craig (Clerk of the Chamberlain's Court, City of London; since retired) for information on current freedom procedures. Finally I would like to acknowledge the British Library's invaluable manuscripts collections, of which Additional MS 28330 is a part.

The research done and ongoing for this database is dedicated to the memory of Joyce Hemlow (1906--2001), the best academic teacher and mentor a young female undergraduate student could ever have had. I owe my career to her and to Alfred Harbage (1901--76).